Commercial Pest Control

Commercial Premises face many threats from Pests

The Hazards of Disease, Spoiled Foodstuffs and Property Damage,
negative public opinion, damaged reputations, the risk (and Financial cost) of prosecutionpest control australia
and in serious cases closure of the premises, and potentially your business.
CAVALRY PEST SOLUTIONS Provide a System of Inspections and Proofing Service Agreements that are tailored to your Business Needs, Designed to compliment your existing “Risk Management” & “Due Dilligence” Procedures aimed at minimising the risk of Pest Infestation and providing a Swift and Efficient Response should this happen.

Under the food safety regulations introduced in 2016 it is a legal requirement that all food premises must have a pest control system in place and that all food preparation areas must be proofed for potential pests.

Quality practices are more important than ever for your business reputation.

Why Wait for a problem to arise?

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